Revolutionalising Zambia’s kitchens

Providing clean cooking and affordable fuels for the most under-served communities

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As a social enterprise, we have a bold vision to transform the lives of Africans by revolutionizing their kitchens. We aim to be a trusted and ambitious organization dedicated to creating meaningful change in the communities we serve.



We design simple, cost-effective, and easy to adopt cooking fuels for the countries’ most vulnerable families.



We reduce the carbon footprint of traditional charcoal because our solution is an eco-friendly alternative that is independent of tree-cutting.



We add value to food supply chains and through building a circular economy, we up cycle farm waste and municipal solid waste that would otherwise be disposed of through burning causing damage to the environment.

Harnessing local potential

At greenway solutions we believe that technology and business anchored in local culture, result in transformative, life-changing, scalable solutions. ask…….